Whether you’re seeking to visit, study or settle in the UK; to remain in the UK on the basis of your private and family life; to join a partner or bring a family member into the UK; or to challenge your unlawful detention, you should seek specialist help. RMZ can help steer you safely through the system.

We will help you diagnose your problem and discuss with you the possible solutions. You will be provided with realistic advice that will be in your best interest. If you wish to go ahead with it, we will start your case and keep you informed at every step of the way – we are a team you will want on your side.

Services we offer:

  • Judicial Reviews
  • Appeals
  • Leave to remain applications
  • All points based applications
  • Bail and Detention matters
  • Work Permits
  • Nationality Applications
  • Settlement Applications
  • Student Application-Tier 4(General) & Student Visitors
  • Entrepreneur applications
  • All Entry Clearance application

We can take on cases at any stage. So if you have been refused a visa and are looking to appeal and want to know what your chances are, or have had an appeal dismissed and want a prompt opinion on whether there are grounds of appeal, please contact us.


Category Sub Category Type Price £
Entry Clearance Family & Visit Spouse and Family 1000
Visit Visa
Point Base System (PBS) Tier 1 (Entrepreneur) 2000
Investor Visa
Sole Representative
Tier 2 1000
Tier 4
Special Talent
In Country Extension FLR (FP, M, DL etc.) PBS Extensions 2,000+VAT
Human Rights FLR (FP) Human Rights 1,500+VAT
All in country Extensions Further Leave to Remain (M)
Settlement Applications Indefinite Leave to Remain 2,000 + VAT
Asylum Claim Asylum Claim & Humanitarian Protection 1500
Appeals In country Appeals In country Appeal 2,000 + VAT
Permission To Appeal 600+VAT
Judicial Review (JR) JR & Admin Review Paper JR 1,500+VAT
PAP (Pre Action Protocol) 600+VAT
Admin Review
Detention Matters Detention Matters Detention Reps 1,500+VAT
Court Bail 800+VAT
CIO Bail 500+VAT
Subject Access Report SAR Report 400+VAT
Sponsor Licence Sponsor Licence Application 1,500+VAT
EEA Application Settlement 1,000+VAT
Nationality Naturalization Application 800+VAT