If you’ve been involved in an accident, simply call us and have a talk with one of our expert legal advisors who shall facilitate you with the procedural details. Please note that RMZ holds firm to its belief of discipline and integrity, hence, we shall not raise unnecessary expectations nor shall we encourage false claims.

The process of starting a claim is not lengthy, rather with the expertise of our legal staff, it shall be ensured that you are not burdened with technicalities, stay at ease as we shall handle them for you. Start your claim today by speaking to our highly qualified legal experts.

The firm has an extensive panel of highly experienced solicitors who have already been working on cases similar to yours. The firm always matches your case-details with the respective solicitors’ who hold the most experience in that relevant discipline of law.

The firm while holding firm to its values and traditions, is well-aware how crucial the decision in making a claim against a member of the family is. We also understand that making a legal claim through the family member’s insurance is difficult and troublesome. Nevertheless, RMZ stands by its word that it shall make the whole legal process as less painful as possible.

Yes, you are absolutely entitled to make such a claim but it would really depend upon the nature of the incident e.g. where did the specific accident occur. For instance, if you have faced injuries whilst on a public, council or private property, it is possible that you could have a right to claim your deserved compensation.

Yes, you can surely submit a claim for compensation against your council if you have undergone an accident and have sustained injuries in a public space. As a matter of fact, you may also be able to have a claim against your council if you become ill whilst living in a house that was owned by the council or a local authority.

Yes, Solicitors at Raim laws have highlighted that a person is still eligible to claim compensation even if the party responsible for the criminal assault hasn’t been convicted or else, has been brought to justice.

Yes, minors being an integral part of our society, possess the same rights as adults, though their respective claims would need to be conducted through a nominated person. That nominated person may include his/her parents/litigation friend.

Yes, you can easily submit details of a claim with us online and we shall get back to you at the earliest possible. However, if you require a prompt and immediate reply from us, either directly call us at 0161 672 1810 or email us at info@raimslaw.co.uk

Resorting towards an alternate firm or solicitor to carry forward your claim is an issue often raised following the level of comfort a person may have with his/her previous law firm. Highly trained solicitors who have worked in different parameters of various natures, warmly welcome already existing cases and deal with them as efficiently and comfortably as any other.