We purchased a property at an auction and needed a quick completion from our lawyers. Despite the urgency, Zaeem was extremely diligent in the due diligence process and ensured we were ready for completion prior to the contractual completion date. Needless to say, Zaeem will be our lawyer on real estate matters going forward

City Properties (MCR) Limited

We recently added RMZ Law Offices to our panel to assist with a range of property matters. Zaeem has now acted on a few lease matters but more notably on the purchase of 29 leasehold properties in South East London. Communication was always quick and informative, and any questions/clarifications we had were quickly resolved. We also felt that he had our interests as his primary concern in the purchase advising us when to hold back and wait for the other party to resolve issues. Zaeem acted professionally throughout and was available at all times as we moved through this complex transaction especially in light of our difficult circumstances. We would definitely recommend Zaeem

K N Ventures Limited